Deborah Elvira Young

Spain, 17th C
Gold and emeralds
Spain, Ca 1600
Gold, enamel, crystal

Spain, Ca. 1700
Gold and diamonds
The aim of our company is to find and present to our clients a fine selection of jewellery dated before 1800, our main speciality being the Spanish Golden Age in arts, the 17th C.

These objects are works of art in miniature, little pieces of history ready to be worn. They are valuable and scarce and have always been one of the most exclusive fields of collecting.

Having said that, we believe that exclusivity is not only related to money but to curiosity and to the admiration for knowledge and authenticity. Hence, we endeavour ourselves to find unique jewels at all prices for people who search for something different, and we are happy to assist those who want to join this fascinating world.


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