Deborah Elvira Young

Andalusia, 18th C.

Silver gilt, repoussé and chiselled. Glass, quartz, foiled quartz.

21 x 36 cm

The hook of one of the pendants has been reattached.


A fine stomacher of a triangular structure, pierced and slightly convex, bearing vegetal motifs with flowers set with quartz and glass of bright colours. In the centre a custody refers to Saint Claire, as the piece belongued to her sculpture. In the back, two slides allow the stomacher to be attached to the garment.


A stomacher is a jewel of lay origin intended to cover the frontal part of the dress. The Andalusian tradition of dressing the religious images has allowed some examples to be kept in the treasuries of convents and monasteries, both as gifts or ex-votos. In the latter case, is not unusual to have the jewel decorated with religious motifs, as in this piece the custody, in clear allusion to Saint Claire.


Literature: VV.AA. Teatro de Grandezas, Junta de Andalucía, 2007, pp. 164-165


Exhibited: Teatro de Grandezas. Andalucía barroca 2007. Hospital Real de Granada, 17.11.2007-30.01.2008 

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